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    I doubt we'd see Quitely in a monthly. I remember having to wait months for Jupiter's Legacy to release the next issue. It took like 2 years to finish 5 issues and another 2 years to finish the second volume.

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    I'm well aware of Quitely's speed--or lack thereof-- as an artist, and that's why I made a point to say "on like the upcoming JL annual or some other JL special project" in my post. I assumed I was clear in implying that a single issue would be all we could hope for and all he'd have time for. He's been doing some DC covers (Dark Knight III and Super Sons variants), and to my limited knowledge he has nothing lined up in the immediate future, so it's entirely possible that DC could've tapped him for a single, special issue. Again, I have no way of knowing, but nothing that I'm immediately aware of seems to indicate that it can't be in the cards. That's my only point.

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