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    Default X-Men vs. Bat Family

    Post Crisis & 616.

    Bat Family:

    Batgirl (Cass)
    Azreal (in his high tech armor from Knightfall)



    First scenario:
    Blackbird touches down outside of Wayne Manor. They have to assault the Manor head on.

    Second scenario:
    Batwing Jet lands outside of Xavier's school. They have to assault the Mansion head on.

    Third scenario:
    "So full of hate were our eyes
    That none of us could see
    Our war would yield countless dead
    But never victory
    So let us cast arms aside
    And like discard our wrath
    Thou, in faith, will keep us safe
    Whilst we find the path"

    -The Covenant Writ of Union

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    First and Second scenarios go to the people who don't have to eat the Manor or the Mansion's automated defenses to get to the actual fight portion of events.

    The Arena fight depends on wtf Angel's powers are these days, because team X people is going to otherwise get outdrawn what with the only person with a ranged game being Gambit, a variety of his bullet time stuff being debunked, and that being a lot of gas/explosions/etc. coming their way.

    I suppose Beast might tough his way through it all, but I recall him having actual compartmentalized durability and being able to be blinded and the like just fine.

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    Full agreement on scenarios 1 and 2.

    For 3, well, yeah, this is Warren's fight to lose, really. Logan and Laura might be able to drag their battered bodies through the gas and bombs, but Cass can blitz both into 10-count land even if that unlikely scenario plays out. Beast? MAYBE. I don't recall him having showing resistance to sonics or gas or anything esoteric. If Angel has his full bladestorm, self-heal, extremely durable metal wing blue skin nonsense, he can probably solo eventually.

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