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    Christopher Reeves Superman
    Michael Keaton Batman
    Wesley Snipes Blade
    Patrick Stewart/James Mcvoy Xavier
    Ian Mckellen/Michael Fassbender Magneto
    Hugh Jackman Wolverine
    Dafeen Keen X23
    Anna Hataway Catwoman
    Ryan Renyolds Deadpool
    Christian Bale Batman
    Liam Neson Ra's al Ghul

    Honourable shout outs to

    Robert Downey Junior Iron Man
    Kelsey Grammer Beast
    Chris Evans Captain America

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChrisIII View Post
    Funny thing is, despite the movie being pretty bad, the Eric Bana Banner was pretty much the closest match to the comics-socially awkward, emotionally introverted etc (Although as noted, this isn't always Banner's personality in the comics).

    Norton and Rufallo seem based more on Bixby, although Norton still kind of physically resembles the comics Bruce Banner (kind of thin); while Rufallo definetly looks a bit like Bixby (especially the hair)
    Eric Bana was indeed the closest to the comic book Banner. Ironically, that has made him the least popular of the versions of Banner. I remember coming out of the theater and some woman behind me was saying that she couldn't warm up to him no matter how much she tried. Of course, she was saying it as if that made the movie bad when, in fact, he wasn't designed to win a popularity contest but, as you said, to be an introvert.

    As to the movie, as one reviewer put it, it was the super hero movie that transcended super hero movies, the one for people who normally would never go see a super hero movie but he doubted it would be a big success with an audience that mostly wanted action and special effects and not an in-depth character study of a man whose life ran so deep with pain and suppressed rage that it could result in the Hulk. I think that statement is partly unfair but partly true.

    Also, there is an interview where Rufallo said he went and watched the entire 1970s television series through (though he had watched it before) to get into the mind set of how he wanted to play Banner, that Bill Bixby was his inspiration although he had to mostly focus on the comedic aspects. In fact, there was one comedy episode, the only intentional comedy episode, called "Never give a trucker an even break" that he especially focused on since he knew his Banner would be very comedy oriented.

    Personally, I like Rufallo's Banner though it does irk me that he is the most popular Banner because he's mostly a comedy take on Banner and the furthest from what the character is in the comics.

    In terms of being true to the comics, I would say it goes Bana > Norton > Bixby > Rufallo.

    Ironically, in terms of popularity with the audience, you can generally reverse that order.
    Superman was a beacon to the world.

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    Chris Evans as Steve Rogers has been fantastic. We see how as a sickly kid from Brooklyn he wanted to be apart of the solution to stop the Axis in World War II. He showed his willingness to not back down and put his body on the line to gain the ability to help mankind. The super soldier formula could have killed him just as easy but he gained the ability to add to the tools he had learned to fight the good fight. His morality in fighting for the the just cause has never waviered.

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