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    Quote Originally Posted by jalsrix View Post
    Kitty and Peter had more decades interacting/dating with each other and they deserve to be together more than Northstar and Kyle.

    Northstar and Kyle was just a cheap cash-in for the first gay wedding in Marvel because they just met for a few issues.

    If Iceman had come out gay much earlier during Austen's time, it would have been Northstar and Iceman wedding instead.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jalsrix View Post
    Totally doesn't make sense at all.

    Polaris should be there considering how she's a senior member.

    Karma should be there considering how she's one of Kitty's two best telepathic friends.

    Stevie Hunter makes little sense because she's the New Mutants 'mentor' and Kitty was a renegade New Mutants who refused to join.

    I've never seen Firestar interact with Kitty at all in CC time so why should she be there , she's not even a core X-Men nor New Mutants.

    Who's the brown haired short girl next to Rachel?
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    Quote Originally Posted by jalsrix View Post
    Story-telling used to be much more fast moving during Claremont's days.

    Look at the overdrawn return of Prof X, return of Jean Grey, return of Wolverine. Wolverine's return is the worst with so many tie-ins.

    Return of Prof X could be told in just 3 issues while return of Jean could be told in 1 issue.

    All these are to make more money for Marvel.
    They didn't get married during his run. It was a full two and a half years before they got married after he left the Xbooks.

    It's more of a cash cow business with very little details and almost no story. "These two love each other" but only because the reader is told they're in love and shown nothing of it.

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