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    I preferred their farewell issue of Superman with them finally leaving Hamilton, but this was a decent, if unessential, tying up of a loose-end.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kuwagaton View Post
    I guess I'm overthinking and it's simply how Russell did it, it just doesn't seem to ring true to how we've seen his powers work. If his battery is at 5%, his typical Earth output (lifting large ships and the like) isn't enough to mitigate the charge from his relative closeness to the sun, no matter how quickly he'd reached 5% out in space. Here it's like either his connection is slow charging or he's going far enough beyond his normal output that all of his powers are compromised.
    Oh, agreed. I misunderstood your post I quoted, I thought you meant something different. My bad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Clark_Kent View Post
    Did anyone read this yet? I thought it was a nice coda to Dinosaur Island, but as a wrap to the Tomasi/Gleason run it was just "ok". Superman #45 was a much better ending, imo. Clark referring to Lois as the greatest fact-finding detective he knows was a nice touch, though.

    The backups were ok. I enjoyed the one with Atomic Skull the most, it had a very real reaction from Skull after the dust was nice to see someone tell Big Blue off when he does the whole "there's good in you" speech (I don't want to see it often, but occasionally calling these heroes out is a good thing).

    Anyway, a bit of a mixed bag, but glad I read it. What did everyone here think?

    #45 was better, for me, but this was good. The Atomic Skull story is probably the best. That said, I'd like to see Clark reach out a bit more to reactions like what Skull had toward the end. But other than that, it was great.
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    And so it officially ends the Tomasi/Gleason and Jurgens era, wasn't perfect, but it bring me a good lot of joy as the first time that i followed Superman in a regular basis, i know that this period hasn't been for everyone, but i would always treasure it, in spite of his problems.

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