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    Quote Originally Posted by phantom1592 View Post
    That's pretty much the entire argument for the mutant registration act. Mutants are dangerous. they're walking weapons and we need to know what they can do and where they are...

    The problem is... that the humans are RIGHT about that. Having someone like Prof X who could quite LITERALLY take over the world by turning the world leaders into puppets and doing whatever he wanted... is a serious threat.

    Using them as a stand in for 'minorities', was always a flawed concept. You can't help but side with the mutants because being black or a Asian or gay doesn't make you 'more dangerous', than any other person... but shooting eye beams and randomly exploding... absolutely DOES.

    The other issue I've seen over the years, is that the mutants=minorities has lost a lot of OOMPH when they have diversified so much with making black, Asian, gay, AND mutant. Mutant is a catch all anymore... it's it's OWN thing... and that thing is pretty dangerous. Heck, first chance they got in AvX they LITERALLY took over the world (for the better... but that certainly didn't help their 'we just want to live peacefully' debate).
    Yes, its not a one to one metaphor for actual minorites in real life
    But the answer isnt to make them a metaphor for gun control

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    Not all mutants are the same, and not all mutant powers have the same destructive capability. Loathe as I am to compare "gun control" to X-Men, avoiding the nuances of both --and the practical, private citizen concerns of either is fruitless.

    There should be a contingent of mutants who want to assimilate openly, who seek to make it a social justice reform. X-Men usually fly under the radar, but there are mutants who want to fly the freak flag and still own homes and participate in communities.

    There should be mutants who want a mutant-only sanctuary state outside of Xavier-adjacent jurisdiction. Magneto's Genosha was closest to this goal... but at the cost of Genosha's open mutant apartheid, which deserves to persist as a Handmaids-style counterpoint.

    There should be a political action group that seeks to delineate mutants according to the threat they pose. Morlocks with visible mutations and no secret pyrokinesis could be accepted by the citizenry without feeling at threat, but it suggests registration and examinations.

    There SHOULD be mutants who understand telepaths are a real terrifying threat. Like it or not there are some mutations that are far, far more dangerous in their capacity for domination than a healing factor.


    All that said, I'd like Greenwich Village to volunteer to be a Vatican-City-like Mutant Town, and used as an example for mutants as productive members of a community. You'd get political and crime drama as the jurisdiction of Mutant Town buts up against Hell's Kitchen. it would bring the Morlocks topside, and force them to be Sesame Street, rather than Lord of the Flies. You'd basically get your Netflix Marvel Knights, but with Xavier-adjacent personalities. Archangel, Shadowcat, Frenzy, Multiple Man, with Cecelia Reyes playing actual Artemis Hotel.

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