View Poll Results: Which Imprint Will Be More Successful?

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  • Sandman

    1 3.45%
  • Black Label

    11 37.93%
  • Vertigo

    2 6.90%
  • Bendis

    3 10.34%
  • DC Ink/Zoom

    11 37.93%
  • Milestone

    0 0%
  • Others

    1 3.45%
  • None

    0 0%
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    With Ink/Zoom, DC should try Scholastic unless they exclusively work with Marvel or something.
    My priority is black female characters; everything else is secondary.


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    DC Ink and Zoom are either gonna do pretty well (but not as well as Raina's, etc) or flop pretty badly (due to alienating normal comic readers and not capturing enough of the target audience). If it flops I can't see it lastly more than 2 waves of books.

    In the traditional metric, Black Label will probably do pretty well for a bunch of miniseries. They have some pretty well loved creators on popular characters but they'll have to keep it like that to keep sales up. Once you put a Bennett on a Birds of Prey or a Jeff Parker on a LOSH, those books are flopping.

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    I think the Sandman Universe line was stated to be part of Vertigo?

    Raina Telgemeier, Noelle Stevenson, Marvel's Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur... definitely DC Ink and Zoom.
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