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    Quote Originally Posted by BroHomo View Post
    sounds like 60% of my friend's 1st marriages
    He could be on a whole other 'woke' social commentary stratosphere

    lol could you further explain your comments?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Omegarogue View Post
    1)The point is, she has never been with those powers seriously wounded, by people much stronger than her, Colossus has a shell, and is resistant but not invulnerable, invulnerability is something else.

    A Classic Rogue example was not hurt by a punch that sent it into orbit, Colossus actual, a blow that I throw a few meters broke his ribs.

    2)Stronger than classic Rogue, yes, more invulnerable NO, and more powerful? for nothing, the absorption of Rogue gives a tremendous level of power and advantage against most enemies, Peter is tough but not invulnerable is not the same. Hehco has never said that Peter is invulnerable.

    3)The point is Classic Rogue, if she was superior to Juggy using absorption, Peter has never been superior.

    At present, Juggy is much stronger than Peter, and Rogue as well.

    4) Jean, she defeated Gladiator not for nothing without doubt is the best telepath, it has even affected the mind of Hulk something that Xavier could not.

    And of the rest, only Gambit defeated him clearly, Sam has not been able to, and the others tampcoo, it only makes me that Rogue could defeat him with his absorption, the rest not.

    5) That Classic Rogue beats her, and that she was more powerful is a fact, in fact she could with enemies that Peter can not.

    In terms of physical strength, yes colossus was something superior in ressitence? Well no, Colossus is not invulnerable.

    Examples, Rogue has resisted blows that take it out of orbit, or make it fly hundreds of meters, and then we see that it does not have a wound, that is the power of invulnerability.

    When something like this happens to Colossus, and on a much smaller scale, ends with broken ribs or arms folded, that is not invulnerability, and this even happens to the current Colossus. And the current Rogue is much stronger and stronger than Colossus.


    Another example, Monet is only a class 10, no more, but she is invulnerable, she resists attacks that other characters (colossus) would probably leave them with fractures or injuries, and not much did she fight with Amora, and it was clearly said that Amora is much stronger than her, Amora in levels of strength should be more or less close to Colossus.

    And I defeated her using her strength, her invulnerability and her high-speed flight, she launched herself as a rocket towards Amora, and left her defeated shot full of fractures.

    ) The point is Simon from the beginning was much stronger than Peter, and now it is much more.
    Colossus has been shown to be one of the most invulnerable heroes in Marvel. One of his feats was in the first Secret Wars when all the heroes were killed, it was Colossus that was chosen to be healed first as he was the least damaged of everyone else, this includes Hulk.

    Also as a teenager he went blow for blow with Gladiator.

    Ofcourse this was 30+ years ago and despite it being stated he would get stronger as he matured his power level does seem to have stagnated based on writers wanting to power up those around him or just create new characters that can do everything he does in addition to flying, telepathy, and any number of other powers in addition to super strength and invulnerability.

    The last time Peter did get a power up they basically had to take him off the table as he was just too powerful as Colossonaut. Seems like it would have made sense for him to retain a portion of Cyttoraks power as Cain did when he lost it, but the writers chose not to.

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    Ya'll are arguing over things like this when we're living in an era where the writers write whatever they want with little regard to past accomplishments and faults. A character is only as powerful as how they're currently written.

    Which is a shame, but that's the world we live in now. Instead of arguing with each other fuss out the editors for not doing their jobs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maestroneto View Post
    lol could you further explain your comments?
    I'm mid 20s, live OTP of Atlanta....a lotta my Upper Middle Class white friends had kids kids and were in shitty first marriages . some second so their reality is wholly different than mine

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