Hi everyone,

Over the past couple of days, we've had some folks try to start discussions relating to the Antarctic Press/Jawbreakers story. As a Moderator team, we have decided that we do not wish it discussed and deleted such threads.
"Why?" is a pretty obvious and fair question.

The answer is very simple.
We, again as a Moderator Team, do not wish to give D&C and the followers thereof any sort of platform to advertise their particular brand of nonsense. We have looked at all the information available and concluded that the viewpoints involved are abhorrent, the behaviours sickening and the general attitude a detriment to civil discourse; in short, they give comic book fandom a bad name.

This is an issue that is not open for debate or discussion at this time. Thank you for both your consideration and understanding.

Please note: This message is on behalf of the CBR Forums Moderator Team and does not necessarily reflect the opinions of individuals or CBR as a website/company.