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    Default Jawbreakers: Should It Be Allowed to Be Published?

    Just curious what everyone around these parts thinks.

    I can't say I care too much about the comic itself (although I liked Jon Malin on Cable quite a bit), but I find it ridiculous that it's having such trouble getting published.

    Why should D&C not be allowed to enter the marketplace? As far as I'm aware, Jawbreakers doesn't seem to be a political book at all.
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    I apologise.
    I didn't make myself clear enough and probably should have put the announcement on this forum as well.

    The Moderating Team have decided that D&C do not deserve a platform for their views on these forums. Their position is abhorrent. Their behaviour is sickening. Their actions are a detriment to comic book fandom in general. The CBR Forums will not be used to give them any sort of publicity or chance to further play victim (when they've been the ones causing all the issues).

    This is not an issue that is going to be discussed on the CBR Forums. As far as the Mod Team is concerned, D&C and anyone who follows their position are not welcome here.

    If you wish further knowledge on this subject, try these write-ups that give a decent breakdown:
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