After a hell of a fight at the Khazan Bar which sees Baldur(GOW4) needing to be alchemically reassembled after being hit with a Cardassian disruptor(which his enchantment wasn't built to handle...) movie Deadpool and MCU Starlord decide that enough is enough.

Before Baldur pisses off Kenshiro and gets code-named The Incredible Ever-Asploding-then-Un-asploding-only-to-Asplode-Again Man, Wade and Peter decide to fix his and Freya's maternal relationship.

They can rope in anybody they want, but the mission is the same:

Get Freya to admit she messed up badly in raising her son, and get Baldur to forgive his mother.

MCU Starlord and movie Deadpool VS Freya's and Baldur's bad maternal relationship.

Can they do it?