Firestorm Armada got license rescued and will be back sometime next year, so that will be great to have starship battles again.

Shadowsea/Deep Wars is a very interesting miniature skirmish wargame with a heavy focus on the inclusion of more RPG elements. Its not the most competitive minis wargame due to some of its randomness, but it has really deep possibilities for realizing just about any scenario you want: battles, king of the hill, capture, competitive treasure hunts, submarine battles, dungeon exploration, etc. Also very few wargames have underwater as a possibility for the setting, so very unique figures and such.

Dwellings of Eldervale is really good. A recent kickstarter fulfillment and a pretty hefty game with a mixture of different gameplay elements like worker placement and tableu building. Lots of different factions that each play a bit differently and there are many ways to win/score points.