Hi Guys,

I'm new to collecting(1 month) but i have been reading comics for quite some time, since they became available in my country i had access only to Russian version of Spideys comics, recently i bought a comic from a friend who was leaving the country it was Amazing Spider man #87, since then i understood that i really want to collect ASM's! now my question to dear collectors is what is the best strategy for me? now here are my main aims/ambitions/plans.

  • Collect pretty much all ASM's but currently interested in Silver Age and some issues of Bronze Age
  • Since i'm in investment banking i'm partially looking at it as an investment
  • While i understand the role the condition plays, i have seen some comics with grade of 1.0-2.0 that are in acceptable shape for me since i'm collecting for myself and plan to hold it for another 10-15 years
  • I might be willing to send some of them for resto works or pressing to keep them in good shape and maybe increase in value
  • Monthly budget will be between $200-$400,
  • I live far from States, so my only means is to buy from ebay or if you know any other good website

Now my question is what is right strategy for me? Below i highlighted strategies i'm considering

  • Keep saving and buying high grade Key issues of Silver Age(cons with this one is i will have to shell out a lot of money and wait longer)
  • Monitoring market(ebay last minute deals) for 3.0 lower Key issues and planning to restore them to add value to keep them in better shape(my main strategy for now)
  • Buying Grabs, randomly purchasing any interesting non keys from both silver age and bronze age, focusing on a bit higher grade but not spending too much on one issue ( was planning before to do this strategy)
  • Not spending a dime and waiting until Marvel/Spider man hype is over(probably once the game is out and movie) can save a lot of money but will have to wait really long time

So guys what do you suggest for me? my knowledge is limited in both restoring, value and collecting that is why i decided to get some knowledge from people who have been collecting! do you think it is bad time to get into market with Marvels movies and games inflating prices even more or it just keep rising?

I really appreciate your help!