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    Default SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY (Spoilers)

    Even though Solo officially opens tomorrow, many theaters are doing the now-standard Thursday night previews. So, just an hour or two ago, Solo premiered.

    I'm still on the fence as to whether to see it in theaters or wait until the Blu-Ray/streaming, so I decided to start the thread now to get a consensus of opinion about the movie from those who will see it tonight.

    I've also included a poll so that we can all clearly see what the reactions are because there has been so much press about the behind the scenes stuff going on: directors being fired, Ron Howard stepping in to reshoot about 70% of the movie, Alden Ehrenreich's acting ability, etc. The poll is MULTIPLE CHOICE, so it will allow you to select ALL the options that you agree with.

    For those who are not seeing it tonight, are you planning on seeing it at all or are you going to streamwait?

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    Solo is the first movie since Iron Man that I will be willing to pay theater prices for.
    Why yes, I AM a Mark Goodson/Bill Toddman production.

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    Now THAT was a Star Wars movie!

    Thank you Mr. Ron Howard. I faced a tough time after the last SW movie...felt let-down by something that has been with me for 40 years. I know it's just a movie. But that's what I felt. Like SW no longer wants to "get" me or what makes a movie a "star wars movie".

    Well...all you who felt similarly, go see this. You will be so damn happy. Disney will learn from this movie and the fantastic reaction it gets from actual attending, ticket-paying Star Wars fans.

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    I watch the TV shows but the friend with me thought the cameo was a WTF.

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    The cameo is one of the first moments I can think of that will officially confuse people who don't follow anything other than the movies, maybe not the best film making choice but given that I've always loved the expanded universe I'm fine with it.

    Movie was much better than I thought it had any right to be and I really enjoyed it

    First Ehrenreich was decent, with all the doubts he brought in that's a win, don't think there was ever going to be an actor that would really feel or look like a young Harrison Ford but he seemed to pull off the attitude and body language adequately
    Glover was great, while his look might not have been perfect he pulled off a great young Billy Dee Williams
    Woody was alright, by no means an especially strong performance by him though
    Everyone else filled their roles even if they weren't much to write home about, honestly liked the multi armed alien despite how short his role was

    It looked fantastic, this is what the damn prequels should have looked like, it looked like Star Wars except older I think is the word I want to use, visually it's a good film for imax imo
    Train heist and the Kessel run were fun, good sequences, actual Kessel heist part was kinda meh
    I really enjoyed how the Kessel run looked, a lot of EU writers tried to do something with it(common depiction was that it was a cluster of black holes) and I liked this one better, also it can put to bed the Parsec thing once and for all
    I could nitpick a lot but overall again I thought it was really fun
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    This is the first Star Wars film I really have no interest in seeing. And I've seen every single one that's been released in my lifetime in theaters including the New Hope re release in the 90's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jokerz79 View Post
    I watch the TV shows but the friend with me thought the cameo was a WTF.
    He shouldn't of been surprised. If it's a Ron Howard film you just know that Clint Howard will be in it.
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    Whenever the question comes up about who some mysterious person is or who is behind something the answer will always be Frank Stallone.

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    I'd say A-. Really fun movie, and it has lots of fun with the 'stars wars world' I was kinda WTF at the cameo, but in a good way.

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    A lot of you gave the movie an A-range grade, but also gave Alden Ehrenreich a "Poor" rating as Han Solo. That's kind of interesting.

    In other news, the new box office projections for the 4-day weekend have been cut dramatically: from $170 million all the way down to $114 million.

    That's somewhat better than Justice League's $101 million after 4 days, but JL did not debut during a 4-day holiday weekend and being in the same ballpark as JL is not exactly what Disney had in mind, I would guess.

    There were some early articles that said that according to "inside sources," Disney was expecting this to be a loss and to have a big write down. I dismissed that as idle Internet gossip, but perhaps it will turn out true after all.

    It seems to be a shame as a lot of you seemed to enjoy it and were even a bit surprised as to how well it turned out.

    As far as the general audience is concerned, however, Solo has an RT critics' score of 71%, but only a 57% audience RT score. Does that seem surprising based on what you felt and heard from people who saw it?

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    The J-man

    I post via my phone a lot, therefore I make the occasional grammatical error. Not an excuse just forewarning you. Feel free to call me out I won't mind.

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    I really enjoyed Solo. I liked Alden as Han, but found that he didn't quite win me over until I saw him interacting with Chewie. I felt there was something there in the way that Alden and Joonas worked together that just clicked.

    I also liked that they tied a lot of other films in, with ties to the Clone Wars in the mention of Aurra Sing and the cameo at the end, and I'm pretty sure one of the bandits with Enfys Ness was one of Saw's men. I'm looking forward to seeing what other characters will show up in the movies in the future.

    Anyway, here's my full review:

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    Voted great A movie, Ehrenreich being a good Han, and Ron Howard being a poor director.
    I want to nuance that last bit: Howard is a good to great director, just not for this kind of movie.

    So anyway, I just got home from seeing it... Went in completely blind. Not even seen a trailer.

    Ehrenreich was good but not great. His main problem is being surrounded by people who are better, and possibly poor direction.

    I loved Emilia Clarke in this. She was the one I was most doubtful of and she really surprised me.

    Woody Harrelson was the MVP. He pretty much stole the movie. He had a much bigger part thanI had expected.

    Donald Glover was Donald Glover. And he was Lando. I thought a bit about it and decided I liked that he was spoilers:
    a cheating bastard
    end of spoilers.
    And his droid stole the bits of movie that had fallen out of Harrelson pocket.

    Paul Bethany makes a far better villain than a superhero.

    And goddamn Darth Maul out of nowhere. I first thought it was Palpatine when the hologram flickered on.
    And not just any Maul, proper Clone Wars and Rebels Maul, with Sam Witwer's voice. He even had the wooden lighsaber hilt from Rebels.

    I also hadn't expect this to tie into the rebellion at all.
    end of spoilers

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    I finally saw it last night and it was pretty good. Easily the best of the new Stars Wars movies.

    Also saying something is unnecessary or who was asking for this anyway is as low effort a critique as it gets.
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    Default I saw finally saw Solo today.

    Honestly? i don't understand the controversy around this movie. I actually had fun watching it. And I'm glad to have it in my Star Wars DVD collection.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darrin Kelley View Post
    Honestly? i don't understand the controversy around this movie. I actually had fun watching it. And I'm glad to have it in my Star Wars DVD collection.
    Same here.
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