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    So Games with Gold is giving away the Ultimate God Pack for Smite this month. I've never been a big MOBA player but I'll give this a try. I've been looking over the wiki and I noticed they have Ratatoskr, who I've been in love with since Squirrel Girl. So any suggestions as to what characters are good for beginners.

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    Loooove Smite! I am 100% a casual player, but it's a really fun game. Just watch out for the standard toxic players.

    I haven't played as Ratatoskr much but I think he should be fine for a beginner. Other great beginner characters are the ones they give you for free. I believe Ymir, Neith, Hercules... a few others? It also depends on what your play style is (I usually prefer mages or hunters).

    I also suggest holding off on playing Conquest. I've played the game for 2-3 years and I still don't play Conquest because it's the most strategy-based of the game modes so if you don't know the "meta" (like me) then your teammates will literally message you to get cancer and die. I suggest on starting off playing Arena (5v5 deathmatch) and maybe Assault (a straight lane with towers and random characters to allow you to test out new ones and find who you like).

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