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    Default Recommend Me Some Alien vs Predator Graphic Novels/Trade Paperbacks Please?

    What are the best AVP stories?
    Any suggestions?
    BTW I already have all the Judge Dredd vs Aliens/Predator crossovers.

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    Does it need to include both? If not, I would highly recommend Alien: Dead Orbit from Dark Horse. And there's the Archie vs. Predator line of course which sounds just ridiculous, so it might be fun? Otherwise though I got nothing.

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    I seem to recall Superman/Batman vs. Aliens/Predator was kinda fun, but it's been years since I read it.

    If your into Aliens though, I would suggest checking out the latest Dark Horse minis, which have been very high quality:

    Aliens: Defiance by Brian Wood
    Aliens: Dead Orbit by James Stokoe
    Aliens: Dust To Dust by Gabriel Hardman

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    If you are going for Aliens vs Predator then start with the first mini-series. If I recall it was just called Aliens vs Predators. After that I would recommend Dark Horses first Predator mini-series: Concrete Jungle.

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    AvP Deadliest of the Species is a true classic IMO. I think its included in some Omnibus.
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