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    Default Viewotron #1 in August from AdHouse Books

    Viewotron #1 in August from AdHouse Books


    Viewotron #1
    by Sam Sharpe and Peach S. Goodrich.
    Published by AdHouse Books

    Sam Sharpe and Peach S. Goodrich return to their Eisner-nominated Viewotron with a new series from AdHouse Books! This issue features seven stories that elucidate the search for meaning in life in seven very different ways. That sounds heavy, but donít worry, itís funny. There are space aliens, friendly giants, and an old man who is a professional Boy Band namer. Youíll enjoy it.

    4C cover
    48 1C pages
    6.5" x 8.5" saddle stitched
    $6.95 US funds
    ISBN 978-1-935233-46-6
    Shipping August 2018
    Diamond Order Code: JUN18 1332

    PDF Preview

    AdHouse's Page

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    I enjoyed the preview. I will look out for it but adhouse isnt always easy to find in uk.

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