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    Default God Quest: The actual Game

    Well if people want to join. Just go to sign up and declare gem and do creation process. Then here you go. Keep in mind dice rolls happen here. There is a general plot, but make your own part to it. ZMunchin, Bob, and Bruce. Can post when you want.

    A long time ago in the Macro eras. The universe divided into twelve clusters, in center a spiraling swath of energy and chaos. With more exotic dimensions in the boundaries. The Control Gem has been shattered, now, it is time. To get it back.

    Character intro

    In his beginning. He was born a Leviathan, a creature of primordial chais. Yet he was the runt. Who is out to keep himself alive. He learned magic and in time became the greatest of them all. In time though, his people destroyed themselves in senseless violence. He escaped the destroyed world and went to s paradise.

    He matured and kept his true form hidden, as he had a family and was happy. Until the day the people of Zenith, under the orders of their Queen Marcia. Attacked his world. He fended the invaders off and allowed his people to escape. His family in the Dream Seeker. As in his true form destroyed many of them. Yet, was not enough. They bombed his world. Blowing it up in process. He floats in space, beaten but not defeated. Took a while to recover. Then his Quest truly began. He went to Cosmos Memory, the library of his home universe. He bathed in the liquid knowledge. It nearly killed him. But for his bravery, the Orange Gem If courage directly came straight for him.

    As now his family and his family had grown. It was time. For a gem hunt. Luckily had a seee with them.



    He gave a big grin in his current body, shaped as a pretty boy for sake of morale. He was off to the place.

    The Chrome Gem. Time, Master Of all. Now he shall master it.

    He gave a proclamation in dimensional tunneling.

    My True Name is Heavens Hidden Tyrant, the unseen Emperor who shakes the Heavens!! Starting now, me and my people shall be victims.. No longer!!!!

    Some cheered, others cried, and some were horrified. He survived ground zero if his world blowing up, what the hell could stop him now? It was possible, but for now in tunneling process. Using magic bolts to repel planar creatures should they dare try to eat his ship. The Allied fleet would wait on him.

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    Character intro

    Long ago there was a man name David who groom planet to planet on the hunt for adventure and the thrills like he did his nicely groom slick back hair. he has handsome man but he wasn't what one would called the sharpest tool in the shed . this man was said to be a ladies man and had a flair for the dramatic. this man was said to be many things but the one thing that pop up the most was that he was supposedly a shapeshifting space racer that went by many different names and it wasn't sure what he actually look like .

    a racer who own a space ship by the name of The Blazing Sun. a space ship that had a sick paint job that was said to match that of a blazing sun. it is said that during a major racing event this man suddenly disappeared after exceed the speed of light and enter a dimension . the man saw things that no man was meant to see but didn't understand any of it. yet in another origin this man was name Frank and he was a Party animal.

    Frank was partying on a planet when all of sudden he gets suck into a worm hole. then in other origin the man is badass relic hunter name John on the search for ancient relics. one day the man finds ball shape sphere that transports him to other dimension . Still in other origin that Man was said to be part of a military special forces.

    it was said he was fighting in a space war when all of sudden he gets suck into a worm hole. point being That man has many origins and they all pretty much end the same way he ends up in other dimension. he has so many that no one is sure which is that Man's real point of origin. trying to figure out which origin of That Man is actually true is like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

    in fact this man who's origin not he was sure about ended up on a desolate planet in a dimension far from his own . in this dimeson the man found a antique Laser pistol , old rusty body armor . the planet was filed with weird shape buildings , ruins with writing on them. the man even stumble upon a strange book that was a magic introduction book.

    it was though this book the man learn how to use magic. the man scouter this planet for any traces of life and he came across a big stone monolith with ancient writing on it that read , long time ago in the Macro eras. The universe divided into twelve clusters, in center a spiraling swath of energy and chaos. With more exotic dimensions in the boundaries. that there exist a control gem that had been shatter .

    the monolith mention other gems of course the man didn't understand what was written on the monolith he was looking at. so he couldn't make heads of tails of it and just continue wandering the planet . it was in strange ruin that the man stumble upon a emerald color gem. this man pick it up thinking maybe if he could get off this planet and find a inhabited planet he could sell the gem for a fortune and be filthy stink rich.

    this man would also stumble across a rusty old robot who he tried to get work but after must frustration he just kick the damn thing and that jolt boot up the robots system and it start to work. this Robot was debt to the man and ask for his name , the man told him that he wasn't sure what his name was and just told the robot to called him that Man and that he would call it Bot . the man ask what the robot's purpose was and it told him that it's creators design it to help with scientific task but they were all gone now , and that it was the only thing on this planet. until he came along.

    with this robot's help the man was able to get his ship up and running. eventually That man would come across a inhabited planet and found market place. that Man was about to sell the gem to a merchant until a black and tan dog snatch the gem from that man's hands while he wasn't paying attention and ran off with it. That Man ran after the dog and corner him in alley way demanding that the dog giving him back the gem.

    the dog then spoke telepathically to that man and told him that he was a scholar who studied the gems and could identified how they work. the dog told that man the gem he was holding was the Emerald gem, the Gem of imagination. it was a gem thought to have been lost. that dog told that man the history of the gems and of the universe , but that man had a brain melt trying to figure it all out.

    so the dog dumbed it down for that Man in a Savvy talking voice that even he could understand. what that Man got out of it was that the gem he was holding was somehow special and that it choose him to be it's wielder. he ask what the dog's name was and it told him it's name was Spike. the dog show how that Man's gem work and with practice That Man was able to active the Emerald gem.

    a gem thought to be lost that he stumble on by accident. That Man add Spike to his crew and he they went from planet to planet in search of a good time. That Man and his crew eventually end up on the planet Id were they encounter a very large angry bear with scar tissue and look like it had a pattern of glowing stars on it's fur. the bear was black with glowing green fur.

    this Bear was ferocious and attack that Man and his crew. however just before the bear could devour them that man saw that the bear had something stuck in it's right paw . it was a large thorn and it was the source of why the bear was in such a violent rage. with the help of his crew that man pull the thorn out of the bear's right paw.

    after the paw was taking out the Bear's wound quickly heal and the bear was in debt to that Man and eventually stroll away on That Man's ship just before it was about to take off. the man deiced to keep the bear and name it Boo the Freaking Space bear. now that Man and his crew are on the search for the rest of the gems with Spike as the guide.



    That Man give a smirk and look it his crew saying " okay guys were heading in that direction. Spike sigh at this saying telepathically " but that's the wrong direction there's isn't a Gem in that direction!" the man looks at spike saying with a smile on his face " look I'm the captain here and I say that he go in that direction." "besides I have the Emerald Gem and I'm like the freaking chosen one so everything is going to be fine. "

    Spike let's out another sigh saying telepathically "look cat just because you have a Gem doesn't meaning your freaking invincible because you're not." "if we have any hope of stopping the major bad Ju Ju that we befall the universe we need to required all the Gems!" " if we don't get all the Gems and put the Control gem back together then the universe is going to face some terrible dark times if you get my drift." That man looks at Spike saying" yeah a get it the universe is in turmoil and it's up to me to save it."

    " Yeah I get the picture, and my gut feeling is tell me that there's a gem in this direction." Bot who is checking the fuel and the engines power looks at that Man saying " I agree with Spike according to the map there's nothing out there in that direction expect for one lonely gas station." " if we go that way we just end up getting lost." " and seriously who listens to their gut can you get any more stupid. "

    that Man yells at the Robot saying " huh you calling stupid you rusty bucket of blots." " besides how can we get lost we have a damn map!" Bot let's out a sigh saying " well maybe it's because we have a pea brain Captain." that Man shrugs his shoulders and turns his head saying " now that's just cold I'm not even goin to dignified that with a response."

    "besides if I felt like it I could just replace you with one of my many followers." Bot replies back to his and sighs saying " you mean that alien race that's following." " wait do you even know why they are following you in the first place." that Man looks himself n reflective surface saying" beats me , but I think it maybe because of how awesome I am!"

    Bot sighs saying a sarcastic tone " yeah I'm sure that's it their following you because you so awesome." " also what happens if we get a major battle how are we going to be able to reach the weapon systems with all this junk in the way. " That Man looks at Bot saying " hey it's not junk it's valuable artifacts, and it's staying on the ship." " so we just have to figure out another way to get to the weapon system if that ever happens."

    Spike and Bot look at each other and just sigh as if agreeing with the fact that that Captain is a bumbling idoit and Boo the freaking space bear nods in agreement. so That Man and his crew plot a course to their next destination and Spike, bot and Boo prayed that their Captain That Man doesn't end up getting them lost.
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    Additional notes in playing:

    Can choose to train character stats ( 1/12 die. 1-4 is 1. 5-8 is 2. 9-12 is three)

    Learn new skill (up to two times)

    Gem hunt: What everyone is doing

    Earn new worlds/followers/Allies

    Children: Adopt or whatever. The act is censored. After seven turns due to plot power said kids can join in the hint.

    Item building: 1/6 die here. 1-2 is a miserable failure. 3-4 is average. 5-6 is a master piece. Artificer Skill adds 2 to total score. Can use imagination to type of items. As limitations are limited, going for crazy epic ness.

    Also 6-9 actions depending on character crew.

    Lastly/ Going to make a true npc, cillain character in future for refernce.

    A guy who is out for the Gems to remake creation in his image.

    Edit: Combat is done in pms. And then posted results in thread.

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    Posting time.

    Notice: The Gem list is up to 60 now.

    Rolled. Three more npcs controlled by yours truly to represent competition. A cillain, Anti Hero And a hero.

    Post after this will be my character actions. This post, That Guys results

    9 out of 20. Not great, could be worse.


    Flying through the Macroverse, a bizarre worm hole opens up, sucking everyone in. Next thing after the tunneled space time was a system. A system in flames. As six races were murdering each other in a war that defines madness. The gem signal was to largest and most urban planet as Wmerald literally speaks up.

    “ Such horrors to be witnessed. I wish there were a way to repair all the damage.”

    Followers got into battle stations as the native fleets start taking notice. Cue a herald signal, big primate style lizard man.

    “ Unknown vessel, report. These are contested worlds. Respond or we, the Tar’kila will use force.”

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