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    If I had my way she wouldn't be a princess. She would just be the very best Amazon.
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    How come these anonymous sources failed to report Zack Snyder had left post-production on Justice League? They seem to know everything now...

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    If it were really well researched, thoughtful, and well written, I'd be interested in a "Wonder Woman first comes to the US during the Vietnam War" instead of WW II.

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    During the Elseworlds hey-day, I thought it would be a no-brainer to mix up Bats and Wonder Woman.

    My head-canon idea was Wonder Woman: The Huntress. I'm a product of the late 70s/early 80s. And the nostalgia of reading The Huntress back up features in Wonder Woman is strong.

    Thomas and Martha Wayne are vacationing in Greece with their children Bruce and Helena. Pirates, criminals, murder and a storm ensue. Helena is cast overboard but delivered to Hippolyta, who was praying for a child. She re-names the child Diana. She grows up training as an Amazon. At some point, she decides to leave and return to her world, using the few items and documents that washed ashore with her as clues.

    She makes her way to Gotham City where she reunites with Bruce, who somehow managed to survive being maimed and lost at sea. His thirst for vengeance is great. He has been using the Wayne fortune to track down the people responsible for their parents murder. She reveals how she survived. She vows to become The Huntress and help bring their parents murderers to justice.

    Bruce's darkness begins to concern Diana/Helena. At some point she has to stop him from going too far and saves him (and others) from himself. She then understands she must be a beacon of light and hope.


    I also love the idea of a Wonder Woman/Captain America crossover during World War I. That would be awesome.

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    I would like a kidn of "Black label" story more than an Elseworld, where we see how Diana impact the lives of peoples whom she hasn't even met in a great way :

    -A soldier from the No Man's Land saw her (just like in her movie) and his inspired by her example, coming back from the War to help pogressive ideas toward women's position in society
    -A desillusioned woman during Great Depression witness fighting some mighty foes and takes it as a sign that she should fight against the forces which have driven the country to the slump economy
    -A young man in Nazi-occupied Europe is too afraid to join a resistance movement but when he hear of a women telling tales of bravery against insurmontable odds, he finally engage


    Kind of a "Wonder Woman : Icon" or soemthing, I guess more so than a pure Elseworld for Diana.

    Edit : Also, don't you think that it's possible to reconcile expansionist Krypton with "Space travels are outlawed Krypton" ? I haven't read the book, so I don't know if the flashbacks of Zaar are a long time ago or just before Krypton's demise, but if it's further in the past, he could have advocated for destroying the Kryptonian fleets, forcing them to remain on their planet. It could also expands Zod's warmongering behaviour's origins, him longing to return Krypton to a glorious age brought down by outsiders while the Council would be wary, knowing that Zaar had a more final solution in mind.
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    Elsewords Soule and Daniels continued/end Wonder Woman/Superman

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    One where Themyscira was destroyed and Hippolyta raised Diana in Bana-Mighdall.

    One where Diana Prince was an ordinary pilot who crashed on Themyscira and was trained by the Amazons

    One which combines Silver Age Wonder Woman with Silver Age Superman.

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