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Circe is the same thing. I also hate sorcerers who simply incantate, or worse, generate bolts of generic "magic" energy.
Maybe that's why I have never cared for Circe like I feel I should.
Now Morgan Le Fay (Marvel's)!! There's a character I wish someone would bring back and reenvision...
Well, for the more basic stuff it makes sense for them to simply exert their will. It makes a magic user feel like a weakling if they NEED relics and other tools to be able to do anything. I like the idea of particularly powerful spells need tools and materials and stuff, but only the BIG stuff.

Oh and Morgan le Fay has gotten used recent-ish. that version was basically an evil female version of Doctor Strange though. https://avengersalliance.wikia.com/wiki/Morgan_le_Fay