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    Default Doomsday Clock #5 review (SPOILERS!)

    Didn't see a review for this one so I thought I'd post one. As the title says, there are spoilers here. Superman himself doesn't appear much in this but he is in it so I thought I'd bring it up. Superman mostly just spies on a conversation between Lois and Lex where Lex tells her that he knows who created the Supermen Theory and that it was a member of the Justice League. This was after Lex was attacked last issue by Ozymandias who is in the hospital and breaks out. We also see Black Adam save Jack Ryder from some terrorists and he offers all super-humans safe haven in Kahndaq. Saturn Girl helps the new Rorschach break out of Arkham and they steal some clothes from a thrift shop. He seemed largely unfazed at her ability to read his mind. Ozy sneaks back to the Owl Ship where he finds Batman waiting reading Rorschach's journal. The two get into a fight and Batman is thrown out of the ship. He shoots a line to save himself but is low enough to the ground that an angry mob catches him. Remember, Batman is hated in Gotham in this series. Meanwhile, Johnny Thunder escapes from the retirement home he has been kept in and sneaks off to Pittsburgh to investigate a "green flame" at a steel factory. The green flame turns out to be Alan Scott's lantern but Johnny is beaten by some thugs before he can use it. The story ends when the Mime and Marionette finally meet the Joker.

    I liked it. Though this dragging out the JSA stuff is getting annoying. If this series is about Superman meeting DM, they sure are dragging that out too. The art and writing is great as always. Just wish they'd move the story along a little faster. But then, we were re-introduced to Jay Garrick a year ago and they still haven't really done anything with him so I'm not holding my break Alan will re-appear anytime soon either. Superman has barely appeared in this series so I'm not sure what his role in all this will be. Batman has had more page time. Saturn Girl is obviously looking for him and it should be interesting what happens when they finally meet up. Looking forward most of all to seeing what becomes of Johnny Thunder and Alan's lantern. I really want the JSA back! Probably more excited about that than anything else.
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    Yeah, the so-called "Superman IS the story" claim by Geoff Johns continues to be more and more laughable with each issue, but I can't gripe too much about that because the issue was fantastic and the scenes with Lois, Clark & Perry were fantastic.

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