Hi there, I'm new here I just wanted to make a post as I am developing a new concept for a convention type event. This convention will be more focused towards bringing in new talented writers and artists to come together to produce new material separate from the mainstream comics we have today. Of course there will be general public there to visit the convention and meet big-time creators and generally have a good time. I wanted to get an idea of what the comic community would actually want from an event such as this to get primary insights into the audience. There'll be cool things such as competitions as a vote for the best new writer/artist where the winner gets a shot at producing works for a comic book publisher (e.g. Vertigo, Avatar etc.), as well as a competition to win prizes like signed copies of various comics/graphic novels, and discussion tables to have debates (like a final decider between Marvel and DC, something like that - needs work). A main focus here would be how to go about raising awareness for an event like this to the community and key features I could use to get the best reach. So, what ideas do you lovely people have? I'd love to hear from you