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    Default DC Rebirth Characters

    After Rebirth Superman became a mix of pre-Flashpoint and New 52 Superman. If Batman and other characters are not a mix of pre-Flashpoint and New 52 versions of themselves, are they new versions? If not, what are they?

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    The basic idea of Rebirth is that the pre-Flashpoint DCU was 'corrupted' (by Doc Manhattan presumably) to become the New 52 version. And ever since Wally West was pulled out of the Speed Force, pre-Flashpoint elements are slowly leaking back into the timeline - with some characters explicitly starting to remember their former lives (Wally himself being the prime example).

    Superman's case is a lot more complicated though, in that we had the pre-Flashpoint version and the New 52 version explicitly co-existing, and later merging to form a new amalgamated version who's a mix of both (but predominantly pre-Flashpoint). But his is the only case where there's been a literal 'merger'.

    The fact is, we still don't know exactly who or what split Superman into two, and for what purpose. For that matter we also don't know what role Convergence and Brainiac's bottled cities played in all this.

    So as far as all other characters go, they are basically their pre-Flashpoint selves living in a 'corrupted' New 52 timeline - though elements of their original timelines have started to return or be rediscovered in some form or the other. Superman's case is actually the same, except that in his case there was a LITERAL merger between his New 52 self and pre-Flashpoint self.

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