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Dynamite suffers from what I call "the new toy syndrome" it's basically boils down to this:

Dynamite: "We going to bring back all public domain characters."
Then they get the rights to Jack Kirby's creator-owned stuff:
Dynamite: "Now forget those PD characters we got the rights to all of Kirby's creator-owned stuff."
Then they get the rights to pulp heroes.
Dynamite: "Now forget about those Jack Kirby characters, we got the rights to pulp heroes."
Then they get the right King Syndicate characters.
Dynamite: "Now forget those King Syndicate characters we got the rights to Gold Key Characters."
Rince and repeat.

Dynamite has had over 4-5 different superhero-style universes but they never stick with them, because then they get a new property and focus all their energy into that new property until they get another new one takes their place.
You got it right here,buddy. The last thing I read was Lords of the Jungle in trade which I liked but I refuse to play their game on a regular basis. Some really fine creative teams fall by the wayside as a result. It's not like they do a lousy job with the books at all. I think the problem is most of their PD inventory has no traction with today's readers and results in low sales and almost forces them to move on.