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    Quote Originally Posted by Sacred Knight View Post
    Considering they're all kinda joking around I don't think its a big deal. Personally, I don't find it as ha-ha funny as intended, but its not offensive or anything. I mean, if she were to become ASBAR-Diana, then there'd be an issue. But I'm not seeing that.
    I laughed at it's "meta-ness" and playing off ASBAR and considering everyone is doing their own Batman impersonations - like friends would. I appreciate Snyder showing and setting the stage for the warmth between them, before everything crazy and perhaps challenging among them - like it sometimes does with friends.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RealWonderman View Post
    It's even better if you read it in Gal's voice.
    Ooh! Good suggestion. She's got quite the distinctive voice. And Gal's playful personality would totally do that.

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