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    Quote Originally Posted by Mutant God View Post
    I was just saying that different people have different theories on Batman, some of them makes sense and some are some of them are just weird or...batshit insane.
    The weirdest and most unlikely theory of course is that it's this rich guy who is well known spend his nights in the arms of super models instead of beating up clowns.

    It's the DCU: "he's a vampire" is more likely than the truth.
    "One may be intelligent, and a Nazi. Then one is not decent. One may be decent and a Nazi. Then one is not intelligent. And one may be intelligent and decent. Then one is not a Nazi"
    - Gerhard Bronner

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carabas View Post
    Did you even read the post you were replying to?
    Of course, I've read it.
    There's no reason, for you, to be so aggressive. Relax, it's a positive discussion. I don't like this behaviour, it seems a bit childish.

    You told me: "Nobody killed Batgirl's parents". And I assured you that I KNOW Batgirl's story, I'm a big fan. And I know that nobody killed her parents. LOL

    We were talking about Paris Hilton. Comparing her public image to Bruce Wayne's. Right? Right.

    P.s: I'm Italian. English is not my main language. Just in case you were wondering...

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