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Thread: So....Amazonium

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vakanai View Post
    Because we get enough of that in Marvel with adamantium and vibranium? Don't need DC doing it too.
    But they're already sorta doing it with Nth and 10th. And prometheum.

    I think Amazonium is just often forgotten because it sounds more ridiculous and less "metaphysic-y" or "technical" as the other stuff.

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    If this helps...

    The form of metal known as the Eighth Metal is the purest form of metal used by gods, two steps from the pure Tenth Metal, and one step from Nth Metal.[1]

    Hephaestus used this metal to forge the godly weapons such as the Sunblade for Apollo, along with eleven others for those of the other members of the Gods of Olympus.[2]

    With bullets forged of the metal, the Batman Who Laughs was able to shoot and grievously injure Wonder Woman, also claiming that it was the same metal that composed her invisible jet on worlds where she had one.[3] Her Bracelets of Submission were also forged of this metal.[4]

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