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    Default Test Your Mythcomics Knowledge

    I'm getting close to number 200 in my current project to list the greatest mythcomics, which is to say, "comics that are like myths in terms of their symbolic complexity."

    I thought about posting a few links to my project, but I decided against it for various reasons. Instead, I decided to see if anyone could recognize what comic I was talking about, based only on an excerpt from the review.

    Here's an easy one:

    Apparently in Byrne's world incest is worse than cannibalism, for the scandal of Nyra's deed sparks a thousand-year-war, as well as the ultimate destruction of the planet by Black Zero.

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    I'm gonna say...


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    Quote Originally Posted by Skedatz View Post
    I'm gonna say...

    Nice guess, but nope.

    In fact, I think John Byrne expressed a strong dislike of Superboy.

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    Another one before the thread sinks into the River Lethe.

    This is an ingenious piece of phony etymology. Anyone reading extensively in Egyptian myth probably would have encountered the etymology of the goddess Hathor, translated as "House of Horus." Fox simply made his priest the "House of Set," for all that there are no other direct references to Set in the story.

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