Hello everyone

I am here with the objective of spreading a project created by me, an interactive comic, set in a fantasy medieval time, full of treasures, fighting and magic, from where the reader chooses how the adventure develops.

This is a comic set up in the Patreon site, with the following specifications:

-The user does not need to create account to read the comic, but need to create account to be able to vote on the options available.

-Create account, read and vote is totally FREE, the goal is to have as many readers possible and vote, the objective isnt make money.

-Once a week there will be 4 pages on the site, followed by a poll, in which the most voted option will be the next four pages that will be made for the following week.

-I'm no professional but I have a taste for drawing and creating stories.


I hope that all of you participate in this adventure.

Thank you very much and sorry for my english (not my native language)
The Ancient Realm