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    Also, random aside question: Since when can Star Sapphires teleport across spacetime?

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    Quote Originally Posted by WonderScott View Post
    ::cues Belinda Carlisle's "Heaven is a Place on Earth"::

    (I'm so tired of deity threats...I need some more Doctor Cyber, Doctor Poison, Angle Man, Inversion, Superwoman [yeah, I know she's dead], Queen Clea, Anton Unreal, and others, etc. reappearing, revamped, or rebirthed in the pages of Wonder Woman.)
    Perhaps it is the curse of the iconic runs? Perez did a fantastic run that opened new ground for Wonder Woman by giving her what is arguably the richest backstory among all superheroes. At the same time he set up the model where her origin story often is ridiculously front-loaded and created a strong association with her for gods, quests, and fates.

    Marston had her orgin story starting with Steve Trevor crashing on the first page. Perez reaches Diana saving Trevor on page 16 in his second issue, after 48 pages total if I count right, and most of what goes before is about myths and gods and wars. Legend of Wonder Woman needs 52 pages, but at least it goes into much more detail about Diana's childhood. Earth One needs 32 pages. Rucka needed 19 pages (but in the second issue due to the way his story was structured).

    I think one can see the same pattern after Miller's The Dark Knight stories: Batman was written differently after that run, and became much more dark and brooding. It both cases it provided new aspects on the character and gave room for new adventures, but at the same time the new aspects and styles of adventures came to dominate the stories that came afterwards.

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    The golden, bendy noodle-thing that wraps around Jason's shoulders - I think it started as an inking error - and makes NO sense. Maybe, WW #48 will explain that. Maybe, it's his answer to that lasso...Golden Noodle of Correction? Maybe, he'll beat you with it, if you get sassy with him or don't eat your Kanga Crunch cereal. A skilled writer could make a thing out of this giant noodle.

    What is that thing? Is it made of metal or Gorilla Tape? Why is it pointy in the back? Why is it there?

    Hoping #48 has him ripping it off off and taking on the superhero codename...[?], ..just before Etta Candy, Ferdinand and Artemis return to slap around some dark gods. Hoping...
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