So, I'm pretty sure we can't setup an Appreciation thread for King's Batman run, but I'd like to try to get a conversation thread for fans who are generally enjoying the run. Obviously, we can't enforce Appreciation thread rules, but I would counsel that if a wholly negative post is entered into the thread, that instead of getting derailed, the conversation just part around it and continue to discuss the things we think are interesting and enjoyable.

I don't intend this as a wholly appreciative thread, either. There are some stuff in King's run which I haven't enjoyed, some plots which I think have holes, some art that I didn't respond to. But on the whole, I think there should be a place for people to talk about the book which isn't just a bunch of "King is a hack" "I hate this" "A new low for this book" etc.

This would also be a pretty cool place to post variants for #50 that's coming out, since we don't have a thread for that yet.

Middleton Batman 50.jpg

Arcs to this point:

I Am Gotham - Rebirth + 1-6
Night of the Monster Men
I Am Suicide - 9-13
Annual #1 - Good Boy,
Rooftops - 14-15
I Am Bane - 16-20
The Button - 21-22
Brave and the Mold - 23
Aftermath - 24
War of Jokes and Riddles - 25-32
Rules of Engagement - 33-35
Annual #2 - Date Nights/Last Rites
Superfriends - 36-37
The Origin of Bruce Wayne - 38
Superfriends part 2 - 39-40
Everyone Loves Ivy - 41-43
Bride or Burglar - 44
The Gift - 45-47
The Best Man - 48-49
The Wedding - 50

As we get going, I'll probably try to post some thoughts and analysis for these arcs as I think of them. I'll probably also link some of the video essays or articles, like Strip Panel Naked, which I think illuminate some of what King's doing.

Hope to see people in here soon!