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    Default Batman Recommendations: 1993-2006

    Does anyone have any recommendations for Batman runs during the post-Knightfall and pre-Grant Morrison era? We're excluding No Man's Land and Hush, as I already have those. Detective Comics runs during that era would be welcome as well. Thanks!
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    The Ed Brubaker on Batman and Greg Rucka on Detective Comics runs that culminated in the Murderer/Fugitive cross-overs are worth reading. Collected in the two Batman by Ed Brubaker trades, two New Gotham trades, and the Murderer and Fugitive trades.

    (note that the second volume of the Brubaker Batman trades pretty much is 99% content that overlaps with the Murderer/Fugitive trades - you'd probably be saving a pretty penny just tracking down the one issue not part of those crossovers by itself instead of picking up the whole trade)

    And though Batman isn't the focus of the book, Brubaker and Rucka's Gotham Central is also worth looking into.

    I think Under the Red Hood came out during this period, might be worth reading for the narrative significance it played in resurrecting Jason Todd.

    A more obscure recommendation with some caveats is David Lapham's Detective Comics run, collected as "City of Crime" - the third-person narrative style Lapham uses can grow grating for some and though it starts strong I've always found that Lapham fails to satisfactorily resolve all parts of his story by its end - but if you enjoy dark and gritty Batman tales City of Crime definitely delivers the darkness and grit in spades.
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