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    Quote Originally Posted by lilyrose View Post
    Yeah, but obviously he hasn't stayed dead. I'm guessing if they introduced another Wayne child (especially a biological one) she'll be another more or less permanent addition.
    I'm trying to say is that being Bruce's bio kid isn't a guarantee that forces writers to keep the change since that wasn't the case with Damian.

    After his creator killed him another writer had to lobby for his return and even then the then Batman writer refused to write him. He ended up banished from the bat office.

    Damian survived because he was popular not because he was Bruce's kid. Even as popular as Damian is he still isn't used by the Bat office and the writers after Morrison [who created] and Tomasi [who championed him] haven't used him.

    You can't always force writers to use characters they don't want to use. Batman writers tend to get creative licence.
    Of course that is not to say that a baby won't survive but there is no guarantee.
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