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After a few weeks of saving able to buy a Switch along with Ultimate, which is the only game I own on it at the moment. Like every Smash game since Brawl I immediately set out to unlock all the characters and after doing so I've found some new favorites. First up is Chrom who might end up becoming my main for local play. I know that Fire Emblem has a decent amount of reps but he holds a special place in my heart. I'm enjoying Incineroar as well though I'm still putting some work in on how to use him better.
The biggest thing to get used to with Incineroar I think is his weird recovery. He can jump after his Up B, so if you get launched off the stage and are above it you really wanna try to Up B first, and then look to jump and Side B or air dodge back to the ledge. His recovery is much more horizontal-friendly than vertical. Other than that I find Incineroar really scary to fight against because a few good moves can rack huge damage and kill off small mistakes.