As someone who has worked in and around folks the past 20 years its kinda wild about some of the jobs I have had. I have done a little of everything and along the way ran across many interesting silly folks. Some were unique funny , some were sad and some were downright crazy at times. Also this can detail a wide variety of customers , coworkers etc. I won't give full names and all...

Fast Food Worker , next NFL Star !

Back in 1990's I was working at a local fast food place. It was one we all know and I was a year outta high school pretty much. I was doing it awhile and once there I would soon meet a number of folks there. I also would soon go to working grill and then preparing food at the prep table. Which I could do for hours and close. I was pretty much a steady hand at it and would constantly be placed there.

Along the way I met Jerry who was in high school and was working an evening shift. Jerry was ...weird in a way as he was a couple inches shorter than me (I was like under 6 foot) and he was someone who dressed in work uniform shorts , high socks and all. Which made folks chuckle at his look working there in the back. Even customers when they'd get a look into the back would at times share a laugh as were all wearing regular uniform pants/shirt and this guy is dressed totally in shorts and shirt.

But what made Jerry go down in history as the silliest moment was how he'd go on about how he was destined to go to the NFL. That he was gonna come off the bench as a HS football player and make it as his dream. I'd go , ok ...sure. My mind thinking , OK ...sure you are. Anyhow I'd joke around and work sure. But a guy being delusional most days about his NFL career was kinda funny. He constantly was demanding to leave early to get to football practice (he was across the street from HS by the way folks) . So one day he was scheduled for 10-15 minutes into practice.

The manager explained , look Jerry ...its 10-15 minutes and if its slow I can let ya go earlier. Now folks Jerry isn't a starter and hasn't seen the field at all by the way and missing 10-15 minutes of this one practice set him off. He suddenly quit on the spot , telling me , "NO ONE CAN STOP ME FROM MY DREAM OF THE NFL !"

He just walked on out as I now had to handle his job for 20-30 minutes til help came in. Which the manager had no clue. She walks back and is shocked Jerry just walked out. So as I joked , "You were holding him back from his dream....his dream of playing soon in NFL." The manager dead panned comically , "Oh for fucks sake...really ?"

She was kinda happy to get rid of Jerry. As she said he was more of a distraction with how he dressed and how he'd interact with coworkers. Jerry would constantly try and impress female coworkers then as some would roll their eyes with his lines. One girl told me after he was let go she could finally come to work and not worry about having to be nice to the guy .

I have no clue what happened to Jerry after this. He never made it to the NFL as I saw. But I wonder if he was let down the dream never happened.