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    i've got six height inches over Mayweather (eight over Pacquiao), and at least a hundred pounds weight advantage over either. unfortunately for me, i have next to no training, and am not the athlete either of them are. even out of peak condition, they're still in better condition than i am.

    i have no idea who to pick, and 500 grand isn't enough.

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    Mayweather since he's a pile of crap who beats women, so even if I lose I can take pleasure in trying to hurt him.

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    I would choose Mayweather based on my whole strategy would be taking him down to the ground. Manny apparently has trained some kick boxing/muay thai. Also just based on part of the world he is from I wouldn't be shocked if he did some martial art as a kid. I think Floyd would be the least prepared for grappling

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