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    Quote Originally Posted by GylT'Nav View Post
    I picked Weapon Lost because I was glad to see Frank McGee again. And I do not regret it. I highly enjoyed it.(I recently finished Charles Soule 2014/2015 inhumans run and I liked Auran's and Frank McGee's (Nur) story.)
    I picked Adamantium Agenda mostly for the flashbacks with Wolverine/Logan and I assumed that this would be the book Laura would likely appear. I really liked the flashback of Wolverine/Logan's interaction with Iron Man and I hope for more. And now that Laura is in it, I have two reasons to stick with it. I prefer darker books, so I have to admit, while Taylor is a capable writer, his books are usually not for me. But those two reasons will outweigh it.
    I am reading Mystery in Madripoor for the x ladies and their flashbacks with Wolverine/Logan.
    The only book I am unsure of picking up is Claws of a Killer because those characters do nothing for me.
    All this was my initially motivation to pick those books up but I have to admit now: while I am still thinking Wolverines/Logan's return should have handled differently, I am starting to enjoy trying to piece this puzzle together.
    I’m with you on frank McGee; I sure hope he survives whatever’s about to happen with the inhumans.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Huntsman Spider View Post
    Spider-Woman could still show up in Mystery in Madripoor since that's largely about the women who've been close to Logan and Jessica did have a friendship going with him back in the days of her own adventures in Madripoor. That said, I am hoping she gets some play in Spidergeddon (and doesn't get killed off; otherwise she'd be better off staying away).
    I doubt it. Yes, Mystery in Madripoor is about the women in Logan's life, but it seems to be a mutant exclusive club. Black Widow isn't among the crew either after all, and neither is Mariko. I would hope that Jess is in Spidergeddon, but so are a great number of the Spidermen & women- no guarantee she'll get a decent role, especially when she's not even on the cover and Ultimate Jessica Drew is....

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