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    Default The future of the X-Men on the big screen

    EDIT: *In honor of ChildOfTheAtom's fallen thread*

    With the AT&T/Time Warner merger being approved yesterday, we may see Comcast get a little braver with its bidding despite the judge's warning of the "temptation" to view the AT&T decision as "something more than a resolution of this specific case should be resisted by one and all!"

    I think going to bat with Disney will be a futile attempt but it's one I expect to happen simply because the Fox shareholders, which are set to vote in July against Murdoch's Disney deal are going to get greedy. They'll probably want to see if they can get the House of Mouse to up their offer before its over.

    That's just my $.02 but something else has been on my mind, if Comcast somehow gets Fox's assets other than Sky, would the X-Men revert back to Marvel and thus Disney? Is that something we are speculating on or is that a very clear yes or no? I would imagine none of us have access to the details of that deal made back in the 90's. I'd love to get an attorney's input and I might try and find one online that can speak to it.

    Folks, one thing is clear. No matter what the outcome is or which side you're on...Bryan Singer and Brett Ratner are done with the X-Men. No matter what happens, I'm looking forward to a MUCH better representation of the X-Men and a much needed reboot on-screen in the future.

    Let the war for the X-Men begin...Comcast isn't going down easy.

    UPDATE: Comcast got pwned, again. -
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