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    Quote Originally Posted by Sacred Knight View Post
    I dunno, I'm not a regular reader of The Flash, but I was under the impression those characters had come up a lot in the run during Rebirth. Don't get me wrong I don't think its likely. But I don't think its so far out of the realm of imagination that its stupid to even think of it.
    jay appeared in the button story, the rest didn't make an kind of appearance until the annual or flash war. they've really not come up that much during rebirth. wally's only appeared in like 8 of the 50+ issues.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sacred Knight View Post
    I posted this thought in the Superman thread (a thread is there for his role in HiC and it kinda went thread drift, lol), but on the consideration that these particular two deaths are true, how would you guys feel if
    By the end of the story both Wally and Roy are saved via time travel. And the time travelers are Iris and Jai West. They save their dad and Roy, and then reveal that prior to this, they had gone back in time and saved someone else; and they reveal they have Lian Harper with them.
    end of spoilers
    Would this earn back your good will? Would it make the journey and the initial anger worth it? Just curious what those most invested in this might think.
    To what end?

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