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    Default Composite Street Fighter You vs The Fighting Game Multiverse

    You gain the combined powers and abilities of all Street Fighter characters, with the following caveats:

    1) Powers do not stack. You are only as strong as the strongest character, as agile as the most agile character, etc.
    2) Feats from the non-crossover video games only. No anime, manga, comic books, etc.
    3) Abilities from the character's strongest standard version, sans any temporary, plot-specific power ups.
    4) Feats from Street Fighter specific characters only. No crossover characters are included in this line-up.
    5) You gain all their fighting skills as well.

    You are now thrust into every fighting game universe and have to battle your way through their rosters. What's the strongest Fighting Game Universe you can defeat?

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    Street Fighter, overall, is pretty low on the pecking order (up until 3 anyway, which is as much as I've followed). Mortal Kombat and Soul Calibur are probably screwed, maybe Dead or Alive and PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale as well, but I wouldn't want to try picking a fight with the stronger/weirder members of Melty Blood, BlazBlue, Persona 4 Arena, Darkstalkers, Final Fantasy Dissidia, Dragon Ball, Smash Bros, Jump Super Stars, etc... That's a good way to get yourself teleported to the moon, have your soul devoured, or planet obliterated.
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    Akuma is a beast on his own regularly. Shin Akuma is more of a secret character, so I'd probably go with Oni as his strongest form. Adding Bison, Gill, and Oro on top of that would be rather insane.

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    So Akuma's feats, fueled by Psycho Power, with Gill's immortality, and Seth's mimickry.

    ...all with some broken handcuffs, rocks on the ground, and a knife.

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    Wait, so I get the move sets of every version of Charlie? At Alpha 1 speeds? With no charge time from the SF5 version?

    That's arguably worse than Akuma; at least Akuma you can tell where he's going to go. Composite Charlie, there's no way to tell where he's going to end up if you're on the recieving end.

    AND, on top of the new V-Triggers, he's got the Alpha supers and combos, too. AND the 3-bar super meters with options of how many bars to use! Oh, don't forget the custom combos...

    This is a gary stu, period. Don't really even need the other move sets.

    Assuming I'm going to sit in an arcade and play this character?

    Bring on Geonitz.

    Assuming I'm going to be this character? Forget fighting, I'm bombing them with a Harrier jet.
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