View Poll Results: Who do you like better, Plastic Man or Elongated Man?

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  • Plastic Man

    20 52.63%
  • Elongated Man

    18 47.37%
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    Plastic Man easy. He's been one of my favorite DC heroes since the Joe Staton run in Adventure Comics. ( still my fave run of Plas to this day. )

    Elongated Man. Don't like him. Never have.
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    Give me a mini staring the Elastic 7, bringing all of DC's stretch heroes together, Plastic Man, Offspring, Elongated Man, Elongated Kid, Elastic Lad, Stretch and Kana.

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    Plas hands down. I first read his adventures in Adventure comics when he was sharing it with Starman. I was impressed with the way he was handled in JLA. It showed me there was more to him than meets the eye and that is what appears to be being continued in Dark Metal and now in the Terrifics. I know Ralph and Sue are based on Nick and Nora Charles from the Thin Man but the only times I have liked the Elongated Man was in Justice League of America during the Satellite Era and the Detroit Era, his story in Detective Comics #572 and when he gave up his powers, silliness and was a straight forward detective in the weekly 52 series.

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