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    Sorta OT (but still WW related): James Wan has been tapped to produce an Aquaman animated show.

    As much as I commend WB for FINALLY giving WW her well deserved cinematic glory, I still feel that she should get a bigger (yes, bigger) push across multiple platforms.
    Look at Harley Quinn: she has her own animated show now, and it boggles my mind that Diana has never had one. Now Aquaman will get his own cartoon show, and where is Diana's?
    I still think that, despite the many cool ancillary products that DC/WB released after the first WW film smashed, they still did NOT put the same effort they normally use for male characters or female characters that are Batman-adjacent.
    Hopefully, the WW sequel will be an even bigger hit than the first so DC/WB can get their act together and give Diana her due.
    She needs a cartoon show, a bigger presence in places like Walmart and DOllar Stores, more toys and merchandise, and definitely a second comic book (Sensation Comics starring Wonder Woman [and a rotating back-up feature starring female characters and featuring female writers/artists]).
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