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    Quote Originally Posted by Frontier View Post
    ...Well, it still works for Poison Ivy (though she's also got that eco-terrorist bent, and they've been walking her back away from being a villain...).
    That's a comics trend I really loathe, but I digress...

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    Mystique still qualifies as a villain to me; Emma doesn't. I'd say Marvel's top female villains are Mystique, Viper, Hela, Enchantress, and Selene.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sutekh View Post
    Umar definitely could use a boost beyond being 'Dormammu's sister' and 'Clea's mom.' She's got tons of potential that haven't really been tapped.

    I'd love to see more of Deathbird, from your list, as well. Black Mamba's an interesting one, in that she doesn't show much ambition, from what I've seen, but there are a few ladies in the Serpent Society that could take charge and forge a new direction, and not just the obvious choice of Viper. Princess Python, Diamondback and Anaconda also have some serious potential, IMO. (Asp, like Mamba, seems more like a follower than a leader.)
    You know who I would love to see play Umar? Fran Drescher, whom I absolutely adore

    Quote Originally Posted by Michael Watkins View Post
    It could easily happen. But I'm expecting the next villain to be Nightmare. I picture Elizabeth Hurley as Morgan. But there are plenty of actresses who could pull it off.
    Yeah the director already said nightmare is his fave to be next but I can still dream

    Quote Originally Posted by Sutekh View Post
    Mention of Morgana le Fey and Umar and the Enchantress reminded me of Margali Szardos, who was, at one time, positioned as powerful enough to usurp the title of Sorcerer Supreme.

    Gosh, Marvel sure does have some quality sorceresses in their back-catalog!
    Yeah I remember when Odin was meant to be on the same level of importance as doctor strange, maybe more, as one of the most powerful people of the marvel u both magically and politically. But he seems to have been replaced since then and demoted like margali and Agatha harkness

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