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    Default Composite Incredibles character vs MCU Thanos

    let's say that this is Mr. Incredible with the ability to use any power, skill, or tech shown in "the Incredibles" and "the Incredibles II" vs MCU Thanos.
    super strength
    elastic body control
    ice creation/control
    force fields
    super speed
    laser eye beams
    electrical attacks
    {mind control}
    {spew lava from the mouth}
    {creates clones of himself}
    {increase in size}
    {portal creation}
    {can turn himself into steel, or some other metal, and keep moving}

    for the sake of the rumble let's assume that he does all of these things at least as well as the people who actually did them in the films. so he's just as good at using ice as Frozone would be... he can fly as comfortably as Stratogirl or Syndrome

    Round 1: Thanos without the Infininty Gauntlet
    Round 2: Thanos has the Gauntlet without the Time Stone or the Mind Stone
    Round 3: Thanos has the Gauntlet with all of the stones.

    if the composite version of Mr. Incredible has access to all of these powers, skills, and tech could he hold his own against Thanos? there are three rounds for a reason. obviously Round 3 is probably going to be one-sided beat down in favor of Thanos because of the time manipulation. is baseline MCU Thanos, without any infinity stones strong, tough, and versatile enough to beat this Composite Incredibles character?

    (edited, because I actually saw "the Incredibles 2" and had to add some extra abilities)
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    I don't think any of these is enough to even scratch Thanos like Stark did.
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    having seen "the Incredibles 2" I'm not sure Thanos wins the first round, to be honest. without the gauntlet his only feats appear to be strength and durability on par with the Hulk... the variety of esoteric and ranged attacks might not be something he could overcome.

    he should comfortably win round 2 and 3, though.

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