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    Quote Originally Posted by Master Planner View Post
    Favorite games based on comic book titles.

    1)X-Men 2: Clone Wars(Sega Genesis): I loved that some levels required the skills of a certain X-Men in order to be more easy, like Sentinel factory being easier for Cyclops rather than using Beast. Also,the nice change of music in some levels depending on character and the first game to play as Magneto,after you defeat him.

    2)Spider-man(Playstation): Words cannot describe how amazing this game was.It was Arkham level type of awesome. Amazing plot,great use of web skills,tons of costumes and many great cameos. Followed by an equal great sequel(Enter Electro), this game is one of the rare cases that i would love to see in a remake/remaster.

    3)Hulk:Ultimate Destruction(Playstation 2): Putting aside the missions(not complicated,but fun) or the boss battles(some of the best in comic book games), this game is the closest in feeling like the Hulk.Considering the mass destruction i did,i was Maestro in the making!Plus, Mr Fixit outfit,with different voice acting and an attitude!

    4)Punisher(PC,Playstation 2):I loved the arcade version and it was one of my best childhood gaming experiences and with the progress of gaming,i hoped for a Punisher game that would give us the feeling of punishing scums. This game didn't dissapoint. The only sad thing, we never got a proper sequel, which is a waste of potentials for a great and brutal franchise.

    5)X-Men Legends/Marvel Ultimate Alliance franchise(various consoles): No words can describe the nerdgasm those games can give you. The first X-Men Legends was superior in terms of plot,but the others provided many characters,great team mixes and lots of Marvel Univers corners to see(especially in MUA). With the current MCU climate,it's sad that we won't see something like that in the near future.

    6)Marvel Heroes(PC): The first attempt for a serious Marvel MMO. It started decent, it got better when Gaz followed the advices of the fanbase,but the lack of promotion from nuMarvel/Disney, a change in Gaz structure(which messed the game even more) and Disney/Marvel not wanting a game with FOX owned Marvel characters, cement it's future. It's sad that Marvel didn't use another developer to continue,because it had great art models and some character had great builds and powers(Rogue was unique,utilising her skills like no other game before or after did).RIP

    7) Arkham Asylum and Arkham City:(Various consoles): The game series that put Batman on the map and break the curse of bad Batman games. Asylum and City are my favorites,the first had great atmosphere and the second some of my favorite bat-villains. Origins and Knight were decent but it was clear that they lost their steam.
    Those all sound pretty awesome, to severely understate the matter, and as a Spider-Man fan, I'd think spinning off a good Venom game would be a combination of Spider-Man and Hulk in terms of movement and combat mechanics. The PS1 Spider-Man game(s) had a great soundtrack/score, by the way, especially "Enter the Web-Head," which I first encountered as the music to which Peter Parker's fight with the Kingpin in Back in Black (and also What If? Back in Black) was set. That left a very strong impression on me, and since then, I've considered it the perfect "Spidey's gonna kick some @$$ here" BGM.

    Quote Originally Posted by Derek Metaltron View Post
    I really wish that Rocksteady would reveal what they're doing already, what with all these rumors about Superman and Justice League and another Arkham game, would be nice to get some confirmation of SOMETHING. Same goes with Square and their Avengers and GOTG projects.
    Same here, especially if Telltale is closing down before we get a GOTG Season 2.
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    I really miss City of Heroes.

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    X-MEN: Children of the Atom II

    X-MEN vs Street Fighter II
    The agreement also provides Disney with the opportunity to reunite the X-Men with the Marvel family under one roof and create richer, more complex worlds of inter-related characters and stories that audiences have shown they love. It only makes sense for Marvel to be supervised by one entity. There shouldn't be two Marvels.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FistofIron View Post
    I really miss City of Heroes.
    I was unlucky that i played City of Heroes before the release of City of Villains and all the content that made it the absolute superhero MMO.But i can understand what you feel. I still miss Marvel Heroes,even the post BUE version.
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    Quote Originally Posted by comicstar100 View Post
    Freedom Force with Mods is next level. Just about any comic character you can think of can be added. Can't recommend it enough, It's on steam.
    Great game! I wish they would have made more than the two.
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