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    Ordered on June 27. Books still haven't shipped. Because they didn't have one of the books instock. Oh the irony.

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    I have no problem with instock trades sure their shipping is slow but who cares I would much rather wait a while than have to deal with sending me damaged trade after trade in a plastic mailing envelope. Amazons shipping practices have really gone down hill. While instock trades seems to go to excessive lengths to insure that you receive an undamaged product.
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    OK............ I have one problem and it is a fairly big gripe
    I really do not like how they refuse ( yes refuse) to up date
    There advance solitations, when they get information
    A book has been re-solicited. Latest is John Stanley
    Little Lulu hard cover that they had solicited for July 29
    But is not due out ( according to Amazon) until November.
    I wish they could really appreciate how much of
    What people order from them is based on planning
    Using advance solicitations and wishlists on there

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