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    Post Monkey Skull Paradise

    Hey guys im a long time lover and reader of comic books. recently i was lucky and fortunate enough to become chief marketing adviser for and up and coming comic publisher MONKEY SKULL PARADISE. right now we have 2 comics published and tone of awesome merch which you can check out at we would love your support and feedback so we can continue to pursue or dreams and produce great content!

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    Best of luck to you but the two choices do not seem to be for me.
    On the surface Project Voltage looks like a concept that could use a bit more defining. The panels didn't flow well imo, the dialogue a bit clunky. The narrative lacked a natural feeling of transition. Like someone had badly edited the script. H.E.R.O. being the evil organization is a nice bit of irony though.
    Mother Knows Best I honestly didn't read. Skimming it I could tell it wasn't for me.
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