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Thread: Creed II

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    Meant looks more interesting, not "not interesting" lol

    Quote Originally Posted by Midvillian1322 View Post
    Hands down my favorite rocky movie. Probaly also Stallones best dramatic acting. Though Michale B Jordan Carrie's the film. Also best boxing scenes no more of that corny stuff from early rocky movies. It looks like real boxing. (OLD ROCKY movies had fine fights for the time I'm not complaining)
    Excellent. Creed doesn't have anything to do with that last Rocky movie Stallone made does it? Never see that either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gorthon616 View Post
    Meant looks more interesting, not "not interesting" lol

    Excellent. Creed doesn't have anything to do with that last Rocky movie Stallone made does it? Never see that either.
    All of the movies are in continuity, even 5. So it picks up a few years after the last Rocky (simply titled "Rocky Balboa"), yes. Though despite callbacks they're all pretty much self-contained for the most part so you don't necessarily have to watch the last one to understand the current film.

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    He might want to watch Rocky 4 to understand the conflict in Creed 2.

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    I loved Creed. I actually had low expectations despite enjoying MBJ and Coogler’s previous work. I didn’t see it until it was playing on TV (EPIX?) but when I did finally catch it, I think I rewatched it 4 times that week and bought the blu ray to boot. The best Rocky film since the original and yes I realize the similarities, but dang it- it works!

    Now I can’t wait for the second. Such good timing too for another Russian feud.

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    Will definitely try to see CREED II during Thanksgiving weekend or soon after. This sounds like a movie better enjoyed in the theater.

    And (just wildly speculating at this point): If CREED II is a financial success, and if there is still enough interest from Stallone & MBJ, they should make a 3rd Creed movie to wrap up the entire Rockyverse saga.

    My pitch (obviously without having watched the unreleased CREED II yet) for a 3rd Creed / 9th Rockyverse movie:

    - the title is ADONIS CREED

    - Ryan Coogler is back in a legit official capacity (writer and/or director)

    - Rocky Balboa dies a memorable death

    - Adonis fights one of the two current real-life champions (6'6 Anthony Joshua or 6'7 Deontay Wilder, whichever one can professionally act better)

    - Milo Ventimiglia returns as Rocky Jr.

    - Carl Weathers returns as a persistent hallucination of an aged Apollo in Adonis' mind, a la Tyler Durden

    - Real boxer cameos (at least Tyson and Foreman, maybe a Klitschko or 2)

    - Pardon The Interruption bit with Tony & Mike

    - Make sure the ending is so great, and all narrative threads are wrapped up so that there will not be a need for any sequel

    - Probably should double as Stallone's informal retirement from acting, as this wouldn't be released until late 2021 at the earliest, when Sly would already be 75 years old

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