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    Default Help Identify source comic from this image

    My first post here
    Hopefully this is such a bizarre question some one might help. Im trying to identify a Golden age comics in which a black and white advert is found.
    If I can draw your attention to the picture attached to this post I shall try to explain everything. On the left is a collage by the artist Eduardo Paolozzi. (I have censored out the rude bit). The image of the man holding the car is Charles Atlas which was cut from a comic. The advert on the right is from Wild Boy comic Oct - Nov 1951. These adverts normally appeared on the inside back cover minus 1 page. This advert appears in a lot of comics but Im trying to find the exact comic (or comics).
    Just below the Atlas I have highlighted a ref. 170H that the artist cut round. Comparing it to the one on the right the 170H is actually the dept number you returned your coupon to. So on the advert the dept is 376H
    I have exhausted comics I could find on the net that have this advert and these are listed on the second attachment. The only strange one is highlighted yellow, which in the comic looks like 2028 or it might be 202B. The earliest comic on the list is 1948 they all seem to date around September to November. Around about 1953 these adverts appeared in colour. There looks like there is no rhyme or reason to the dept reference, most of them just say 2.J. So thats all the info I could find and im hoping someone might spare some time to look through their collections to try and identify the comic from which it came.

    Thanks for reading
    And thank you in advance for looking.
    To the one who correctly finds it. I can give you the winning numbers for this weeks lottery. (what do you mean you dont believe me)


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    comick, I don't have an answer to your question but I know people who might be able to find it. I'm going to post your question and images in a few places, and will reply if I get any answers.
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    Try putting the words " popular teenage comic book issue number 5 " in google. The comics come up but I am not sure which one you have.

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