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    Lightbulb Need community advice on new comics book Exorcist

    We have come up with an idea for new comic novel " Exorcist"
    Exorcist is a superhero - a sexy and tough girl fighting evil - is brought to life by an international co-op of artists, illustrators and actors, combining music and exclusive fashions. She will be facing unique enemies - both visually and spiritually - from demons to gargoyles, to dark archangels, zombies, and even satan himself. On her quest she will get help from angels and light archangels, and spirits and mythological creatures. Her nemesis - SLAVER - controls the power of all the dark forces and is her main enemy.
    We have came up with sketches - would love to hear your thoughts on this

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    basically you're asking for $25 for 2 24 page comics with no art team listed or any concept art beyond one panel of the heroine. You've also given me the whole script for the first issue so I now know what happens in my $12.50 comic without having read it. There doesn't seem to be much of a hook either - woman with big rack fights demons / evil. The woman with big rack fighting stuff genre usually doesnt need much of a hook but it would help to know who she is and why she is doing this.

    I hope this comes across as constructive rather than just negative. Either way - I hope it's a big success for you!

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